My Story

Well my story is really simple I attended a friends Scentsy Party loved the scents ordered myself two plug in's for my bathrooms and found out quickly that I wanted two full sized warmers for my kitchen and living room so I decided to hostess a Scentsy Home Party.  My Party was cancelled because of a snow storm of all things, but I had many outside orders and earned tons of free Scentsy Products. After hearing many of my  friends who had purchased from my party say " oh my gosh I love this stuff " I decided that well since they love it they are going to want more of it so I guess I might as well sign up to be a consultant and then they can just order it from me!!!  I love being a Scentsy Consultant the products sell themself and I love meeting new people and making new friends. I'm now coming up on 4 years with Scentsy and love it as much as the day I signed up!!! I have been blessed with great customers and hostesses and have earned three Scentsy Incentive Trips to Florida, Punta Cana, and British Columbia. I have traveled to many other states with annual trainings and vendor events places I might not have went to had it not been for my Scentsy Business.  My Scentsy Business has done so much for my family from paying bills to paying for family vacations to being able to give back to others who are in need thru fundraising.  If you love Scentsy and would like to learn how you can build your own Scentsy Business I'd love to share with you all I've learned.  If your interested in earning FREE and HALF OFF Scentsy products I can help with that too. Contact me today and we can get your party started or start you on your new Scentsy Business. Have A wonderful Day   Gina OBradovich Independent Scentsy Family Director  270-823-3028     <!--endbody-->